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Perth where the metropolitan living blends with raw natural beauty makes your Western Australian experience paradisiacal.

“WA STAY PROPERTIES” bring to you heavenly short stay executive rental accommodations at 6 vibrant locations in Perth.

Ornated with luxurious modern furniture, we add  “STARS” to your retreat for holidayers and corporates. Particularly rich and high in our amenities, we bring to you comfortable relaxing at home living for easy on pocket price.

Independent short stay apartments perth homes with modern luxuries,  differently embellished with polished floors, splendidly voluptuous, those extra ornamental finishes, scrubbed, clean,  hygienic stays  certainly provides you with best perfect retreat location. “LIVE LIKE YOU WANT “……that’s our anthem… Going above and beyond, to meet our customer requirements is our agenda.  So come on, let’s take a spectacular exciting journey through some of our properties – The EXCLUSIVE HOMES away from home.


This ‘ Residential Apartment’ is ideal for business or leisure traveler. Here, there is city outside and tranquility inside. You can wake up feeling truly relaxed and have a leisurely breakfast in the balcony or you can spend your day relishing on the living room sofa. This apartment located at Forest Avenue East Perth is on level 3, where you can take steps to reach your ‘Paradise’. The free Central Area Transit (CAT) bus runs at your doorstep to make your conveyance all day long. On delightful Sundays, you can catch a ferry across the Swan River for a visit to the award-winning zoo.


Grand, lumonisa and codegora, these apartments makes your living artistic and pleasurable. The apartments are located in central suburbs of the town across the road from the Perth Zoo with an easy access for different locations. Guests can chill in the terrace relishing the beautiful glimpses of the view ahead. The elegant Decorum is designed with the characteristic wooden floor, that gives you a woodland dream & a pleasure to walk on. The delicate glass marble polished bathroom, the glass decorum in the kitchen, cozy leather cocktail lounge makes your short stay serene.


Imagine that you are greeted with the blue gem Swan river currents which flows curved through the city. The riverfront, head turning style, extraordinary location makes          the choicest location for you. After a brainstorming day, head through the French wooden style door into the balcony, sit back on the ball chair, with a cup of creamy coffee and your favorite book. You will enter into your own personal world, the unique choice that you have selected. Thanks to the free wireless internet facility provided, you can swim into the world of music, enjoy your favorite TV show or make an urgent project delivery.

Planning Your Next Holiday Can Include Finding the Perfect Vehicle to Lease

Planning Your Next Holiday Can Include Finding the Perfect Vehicle to Lease

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If you are planning your next holiday but your vehicle is in the shop or is less than reliable, what are you supposed to do? Yes, you can borrow a friend’s vehicle, but this is an option that is often awkward or not even possible in the first place. Instead, another option includes going to a vehicle-leasing company and renting one of their vehicles. Perhaps the biggest advantage of utilising this option is that you have a wide selection of vehicles to choose from, not to mention vehicles in all price ranges. This means that whether you want a small sedan or a large campervan and regardless of your budget, you are guaranteed to find a vehicle that is perfect for you and one within your budget constraints, making your next holiday that much easier to plan.

Choosing a campervan rental in New Zealand also saves you money on your trip

Making Sure You Get Something Appropriate

Car-leasing facilities offer sedans, minivans, campervans, and even RVs, which means that whether your travelling party consists of two people or five, you can rest assured that every one of you will be comfortable throughout the trip. Campervans are frequently chosen because of their size and amenities, which usually include full supplies of linens and towels, enough kitchen supplies to accommodate your entire party, separate living and bedroom areas, and clean shower and toilet facilities. Choosing a campervan rental in New Zealand also saves you money on your trip because there is no need to stop each evening in a costly hotel. Campervans are comfortable and spacious and allow you to enjoy the vicinity you’re in whether you are in the middle of the city or out in the country, making for a perfect holiday regardless of your personal preferences and tastes.

Going Online Helps You Make the Right Decision

Most car-leasing companies have excellent websites that not only give you detailed descriptions of each vehicle they offer but also full-colour photographs of the cars and vans themselves. Many of them even allow you to make your reservation directly on the site, saving a lot of time and increasing the odds of receiving the vehicle you want. Campervans normally have automatic transmissions that make them easier to drive and are made by reputable manufacturers so you are guaranteed to get something reliable. They come with power steering, anti-lock brakes, refrigerators and cookers, and, of course, air conditioning, which means that you will not only be comfortable while travelling but also that you won’t need to bring anything except your toothbrush and some clothes! Campervan rentals have it all at prices you can afford and getting started is easier than you think, especially if you start online. This means the next time you plan your holiday, renting a campervan to get you where you want to go is a very smart option.