Plan a Trip to Greece: Schedule a Walking Holiday

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If you are in the mood to escape to a place that emphasises ancient history and a beautiful and majestic landscape, you will want to put on your hiking or walking shoes and book a walking tour of Greece. However, Greece is a sizable place for a hiker or walker to explore. Therefore, you need to narrow down your holiday choices.

Planning a Walking Journey in Greece

Most of the holidays that are featured for trekkers include such places as West Crete, the Cyclades Islands, Athens and its isles of Hydra and Poros, and Corfu and Paxos. All the self-guided walking journeys are scheduled for seven nights and are offered either throughout the year or during specific periods of the year.

For example, if you want to take a jaunt through West Crete, this walking holiday is offered from the beginning of April to almost the end of October. This coastal walk enables trekkers to behold the beautiful Libyan sea whilst walking past ancient sites such as fortresses.

For this particular journey, hikers arrive in the serene seaside town of Paleochora via taxi. The larger southwest coast village is home to rocky and sandy shores as well an impressive Venetian fortification. If you visit the area in the middle of May or mid-October, you can take a ferry from Paleochora. This particular adventure will lead you to the Elafonissi Lagoon. From the lagoon, you will walk back to Paleochora via sandy shores. The walk finally concludes at Kyros Beach where you will take a taxi back to your accommodation.

Visiting Ancient Lissos

Needless to say, walking holidays in Greece from Hooked on Cycling will leave you hooked on walking. For example, one of the coastal walks that you will take on the West Crete excursion will begin, again, at Paleochora. Following a dirt trail, you will be greeted by a remote wilderness. Walkers continue the journey up a coastal trail that features a splendid view of the sea. During the sojourn, participants pass the once-bustling harbor of ancient Lissos, which was significant to the economy of early Elyros, a city that held a population of around 30,000 people at the time.

During those times, people travelled to Lissos to enjoy the therapeutic quality of the waters. You can enjoy some therapy yourself by taking a swim in the same waters before you continue your journey to Sougia by way of a lovely gorge.

Walking Over a Mountainous Landscape

Mountain walking is included in this trip as well with the path spanning from Sougia to the Omalos plateau. Walkers begin at sea level and ascend up to 1000 metres. This particular hike involves trekking through the Irini Gorge. Whilst the incline is challenging, it is not too precipitous. From the Irini Gorge, walkers trek up the steeper Figou Gorge.

Be prepared to witness striking views of the surrounding landscape. This montane walk concludes at the AgiosTheodoros (a chapel). A minibus collects walkers and returns them to their hotel, which is a property located on the Omalos plain. From your hotel room, you can see spectacular views of the White Mountains.

Why would you choose Canada?

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Those who are talented and do not get reasonable opportunities in theowncountry, seek the same in another country. This is a process known as migration, and almost all the corners of the world have seen this. There are some legal formalities that a citizen has to complete before migrating to another country. The process varies from country to country, but the ultimate result of the process is same only. One needs to go for apermanent visa or working holiday visa whatever the requirement is. However, it is worth to note that the legal formalities are different for different types of visas.

Canada is famous as one of the most diverse countries in the world with a good economy and the fourth largest nation as in the world. Over the years, student and workers from the third world countries have been immigrating to Canada for higher studies and jobs. For a student, there are a number of available scholarships and abundant job opportunities for foreigners in various sectors. If you are looking for a working holiday in Canada,then there are a few steps that you have to follow. If you are already working in a company and going to Canada as a representative of the same then getting a Visa is comparatively easier. Or else, if you are looking for a job to shift for a couple of years to Canada then these are the steps.

How to apply?

There are almost thirty countries around the World having bilateral youth agreement with Canada for young professionals to apply forindifferent jobs in the country. Any person in between the age of 18 to 35 can apply through IEC or International Experience Canada to get a working holiday Canada Visa. The expenses regarding the air tickets, health insurance, and the initial expenses have to be covered by the applicant. The candidate must be admissible into Canada by law. Once these basic criteria are fulfilled, one has to go through procedure explained below.

How to get the work permit?

Once you have cleared the criteria, take the following steps:

  • Open an IEC account and set up a profile of your own with your qualification and job profile.
  • The candidates have to enroll themselves in the pool of workers like young professionals with the other candidates of the candidate.
  • Once your application is confirmed, you can start working permit.
  • The application after submission will be thoroughly assessed by CIC and if needed additional documents will be askedfor.
  • Once the application is confirmed by the CIC, you will receive a letter of introduction in you IEC account.
  • The application along with the letter of introduction has to be shown to the immigration officer to receive the work permit.

Thus to get a visa Canada working holiday for a temporary period with a maximum of two years, the steps above have to be followed. Do not miss the opportunity to have a better lifestyle in one of the first world countries of the world.

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Switzerland – A beautiful paradise on the earth

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Whether you are feeling bored about your daily scheduled life and want to explore something new, going to the vacation can be the greatest thing to choose. Yes, vacation can give you the best refreshment in your working life. Well, there are so many interesting destinations and attractions that are now available throughout the world and they can definitely be enjoyable. In that manner, Switzerland is the most beautiful country which is highly preferred by a lot of travel lovers throughout the world. This article can surely help you to explore the wonderful areas you can visit in Switzerland.

beautiful paradise

Wonderful attractions to visit in Switzerland

When you have decided to travel around Switzerland, you can definitely explore so many interesting places. Here, you are going to see the enchanting places where you can visit in Switzerland.

  • Bern – This is the capital city of Switzerland which is obviously worth seeing. In fact, this is the place where the Einstein concluded his fantastic mathematic formulas. As well as, it can also be the perfect place which comprised with the adorable sights, beautiful towers, gorgeous fountains and the sandstone buildings.
  • Geneva – Whether you want to enjoy the nature scenery in Switzerland, it can be the perfect place to enjoy. As well as, this place is also loaded with some other features like natural history museum, multiple cathedrals, horology museum and more.
  • Basel – It is the most enjoyable vacation destination to make your days awesome. In fact, this city is also home for various pharmaceutical companies. Along with these things, the city is also loaded with the enchanting things to make your vacation to be great.
  • Zurich – This is one of the cities which comprised with the collaboration of various cultures and financial things. Moreover, it is also home for various museums and the art galleries.
  • Lucerne – It is the fantastic symbol that can give you the worthy nature scenery in the vacation. The city is comprised with the luxurious hotels, historical monuments to make your day awesome.

Along with these cities, there are some other attractions also available for making your day to be so enjoyable. So, if you have decided to travel to Switzerland, then you can search over the internet to explore the various places there. As well as, the site can also provide the chance to make your booking of tickets to travel to Switzerland.


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Travel for a meaningful life!

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Travel is considered as the most important stress reliever that is chosen by many people worldwide. The experience which we get during the travelling will be like an education for our life. Travelling helps in knowing about the different cultures that are followed in various countries. As this is a kind of visual learning, it will long lasts in our memory for a long period of time. In the case of people who are doing business, travelling is considered to be an unavoidable thing as these meet ups are essential for making some important agreements that are useful in developing their business. Automobiles are essential for travelling and now, due to the rapid growth in the field of automobile industries, travelling has become very busy when comparing to the earlier times. There are different kinds of transportations available in recent times which include the planes, car, truck, tram, etc. These are very much useful in travelling the huge distance in a short period of time. They operate on various kinds of fuels like gasoline, petrol, diesel, etc. which is essential for engine to operate effectively. On understanding the wonderful features of these vehicles, every human in this world would like to possess one on their own.

Travel for a meaningful life

Vehicles for a hassle free travelling

When buying vehicles, it is must for everyone to carry on a simple research that could be helpful in buying the best. For this, asking friends and neighbors, reading the yellow pages, automobile magazines, and most importantly surfing the internet will be helpful in finding the best vehicle so that it could meet all your requirements. Apart from buying vehicles, it is the duty of everyone to carry on regular maintenance and periodical service to make sure that your vehicle is on good condition. This is helpful to have a hassle free journey, so that one can end up with a happy travel.

Travel for refreshing your mind

It is psychologically stated that when you travel more, your mind will get refreshed. This is helpful in forgetting the stress that is faced in everyday life, as mentioned earlier. We could have a come across many famous quotes which could tell the greatness of travelling in your life. All these famous quotes reveal the same concept that everyone should travel for achieving something in their life. This is how, the great people define about the necessity of travelling and how that could make you live your life happily. So, travel more for learning; travel more for earning; travel more for making your life into a meaningful one!

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Travel more for the best life!

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Ever since the ancient times, travelling is considered to be the most essential thing for a better survival of human being. Although the reasons differ from person to person, the travelling is always playing a vital part. Some people wish to travel for seeing the beauty of entire world, this falls under the category of adventurous travel. Some people travel to meet any VIPs of multinational companies, this falls under the category of business travel. Not only are these long travels considered to be the essential part of one’s life. But some simple travels like going to school or college or office are also the unavoidable kinds of travel in the life of every human being. Make sure that your travel should be productive, either you should make money on traveling or you should get happy when ending it. When you get both then obviously it would be the happiest thing on the earth. Now, what is needed for travelling? Obviously vehicles or automobiles! Due to the implementation of highly innovative technologies in the field of automobile industry, we are travelling in planes when comparing to the period of bullock carts or horse rides.

Travel more for the best life

Rapid growth in automobiles

Whenever you think on travelling then the first and foremost thing that comes in your mind is the mode of travelling. Whether you have decided to choose the public transportation like trams or decided to travel in your brand new car, the excitement and thrill which you get while travelling is a never ending task. It has been psychologically proven that travelling makes the man happy. This helps in forgetting the stress that is faced by them in their daily life. That is why it is advisable that whenever you are not happy with your surroundings, just make a travel. So now, travelling could make you feel happy and when you travel on your favorite car then you are the happiest person in the entire world. So, buying automobiles play a vital role in one’s life. When buying it is must to carry on a little research before. Choose the car which you like the most, concentrate on few simple things like your favorite brand, favorite color, favorite model, etc. In addition consider choosing the one which could give you a good mileage and ensure you with the smooth travelling. You can surf the internet for knowing more about the vehicles. Thus, travelling on a good conditioned vehicle will make the travelling into the happiest.