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Places to Visit When on Vacation in Oxfordshire

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The beauty of Oxfordshire and the numerous historic sites make this county a major touring destination. Oxfordshire lies between the Chiltern Hills and the Cotswold Hills. It boasts of both beautiful landscapes and genius architectural designs that date back to the 13th century. From the gorgeous villages to the city of Oxford, you have dozens of places to visit while on vacation in Oxfordshire. Here are some of the best sites to visit and things to do in Oxfordshire.

Blenheim Palace

It is a palace with much historical significance. This was where Sir Winston Churchill was born. It is also home to the 12th Duke of Marlborough. You can walk through the publicly accessible areas, the parkland, and the award-winning Formal Gardens. You get a guided tour of the palace state rooms; enjoy your time at the cinema, learn more history at the Sir Winston Churchill Exhibition or gain entry to events taking place on the day you visit.

You can opt to have a ride on the Miniature Train and explore the family-friendly Pleasure Gardens. There, you get to experience the Marlborough Maze and see the Butterfly House. Do not worry about meals as there is a great selection of cafes and restaurants to choose from.

 The Cogges Manor Farm

This is another site with deep historical significance.  It is an ancient monument with buildings that date back to the 13th and 17th century. It is a popular family vacation site where you can explore the picnic orchard, moated islands, and River Windrush walk. Young kids can get to enjoy feeding farm animals or try vintage dressing at the parlour. There is a playground equipped with slides, a wobbly bridge, a zip wire and swing baskets. There is a cafe where you can have a meal.

Didcot Railway Centre

Here you get to travel back in time and see the unique collection of the Great Western Railway steam engines, train wagons and coaches, and Brunel’s Broad-Gauge Railway. You will also get to take pictures at the rural setting based around the 1930s engine shed.

Cotswold Wildlife Park

Here you get to see close to 300 species of wild animals. You will see rhinos grazing; explore the Giraffe Walkway and the Old Walled Garden’s Tropical House that has bird’s sloths and bats. Get to watch penguins being fed or see lemurs at the Madagascar Reptile House. The reptile house has the Green Anaconda and Black Mamba snakes and Morelet’s Crocodiles.

Henley on Thames

Located on the South East side of Oxfordshire County, Henley on Thames is a magnificent place to visit and view the River Thames. You get to bask on the river banks or take a walk through the meadows in this area. This town hosts rowing events that are usually graced by Olympians and local crews. You can also go climbing up the Chiltern Hillsides and take beautiful pictures in the serene ambiance.

The Oxfordshire countryside has a lot to explore all year round. You can schedule a visit with a family, friends or business excursion and trust that you will have a memorable and awesome experience.

Investing in the cheap vacation packages

Investing in the cheap vacation packages

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It is really very expensive to go for a vacation. A typical chain hotel can run up to $150 per night, after a couple of nights and a few meals out you may be wondering where all your hard-earned money went. That’s why it is a good idea to invest in cheap vacation packages that offer a good deal in exchange for 2 hours of your time to show off the property and explain the benefits of owning a timeshare or being a member of a travel club. Now, it’s important to keep in mind that cheap does not always mean subpar. You can find really good deals on vacation packages if you know where to look, and you may be surprised to find out that you can stay at hotels that are even better than what you are used to.

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 A timeshare allows a person to own the rights to stay, for a designated period of time, at a shared property. Each timeshare unit at the property is partly owned by a person for a week at a time, so, in theory; every unit can have 52 owners, one for each week of the year. Not only does a timeshare give you rights to a certain week a year, you can also trade your timeshare with the exchange company, to stay for a different time or a different place.  There is generally an initial investment required an upfront, maybe a few thousand dollars, and then a nominal monthly fee. The two top timeshare exchange companies in the world are Resorts Condominiums International and Interval International.

Vacation packages:

Obviously, there’s no obligation to purchase or join anything on these cheap vacation packages, but it may be something you are interested in and may benefit you if you’re able to travel with it. Many people own Timeshares and use them regularly as the main way to travel with their families every year. Now, of course, the resorts know that only 1 out of 10 people that tour their property will end up purchasing into the plan, so their real purpose of offering these great rates is advertising. There are a lot of times throughout the year that hotels and resorts will offer their rooms to travel agencies, like us, at a steep discount, to help get the word out about the properties and fill up the rooms.

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Plan a trip to Paris and explore a lot

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Going to tour in vacation time with our family is really fabulous one. Whenever the vacation time comes, every bodies mind set will definitely get so much power all the frustration and sadness that occupied in our mind will get vanish within the fraction of seconds. France is considered as one of the most beautiful places in the Europe. Where everybody would like to go when the vacation time arrives. It is always associated with high energy atmosphere. So many tourist parts are available over in this place that are really giving you a great kind of time to pass there. It is known all over the world because of its beautiful culture and tourist destinations. Paris is the capital which is most busy and beautiful city in the world. Every people wanted to get in to the Eiffel tower and planning to stay on it. But only few of the lucky people can get the pass to enter in to the Eiffel tower and to stay on its top.

Tourist destinations are mainly dominated by islands like nice and Lyon. They are tourist destinations from a very long time. People from all over the world are really attracted towards the countries that are still getting in to the top position of the place. People accepted these places as a tourist destination from long time so they are in an impression that it is not a place to live in but just stay once. Paris sometimes identified to be the love city and this is very good to hear. Getting impressed from the Paris so many young couples are now a day planning their honey moon trip also towards the Paris only. It is not the case anymore.

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It is a dream to go for a trip on an island. But not every is choosing only the island countries to get the trip. Even many busy city are also sometimes become the best entertainment place. Special heritages and monuments are very much interested to see and to learn a lot from that.  Many people are sometimes planning to buy one hut or a property has made many to realize their dreams of owning a villa. These villas come with all the facilities what one expects from a luxurious home. Enjoy trip at the most lovely place with all your family members and especially with your lovable people that gives life time happiness.